Reconnect digital to reality!

Pilot real cars in real time and complete against players worldwide

Download the App and enjoy an unique experience of Remote Reality Racing. In Vrombr, everything is real: the cars, the scenery, the tracks, and the players.

Vrombr is governed by the laws of physics, and that changes everything!
From your smartphone or PC, you take control of 1/10th scale cars equipped with a camera whose feed is streamed in real-time to your screen.

You’re behind the wheel of one of the 4 types of available cars:




Formula V

and passion behind

We are a team of enthusiasts, and our goal is to provide an entertaining experience like never before, accessible to everyone. The technology we have developed allows players from all over the world to pilot in real time the cars hosted on our tracks in Lyon, France.


Isn’t it magical? It’s a childhood dream come true, offering a new way to play. So, if like us, you’ve had enough of pointless video games, now is the time to try Vrombr.

Feeling left behind? Ok, you need to practice more and develop your piloting skills.

You can also get a boost in the garage

Boost your cars’ capabilities and perform better. The number of capacities for each car type will evolve over time, but you can already upgrade Top Speed, Acceleration, Shielding, and Nitro.

in different game modes

Have a blast with multiple game modes



Complete the number of laps in the shortest possible time.


Coming soon

Ram into your opponents and inflict maximum damage


Coming soon

Complete as many laps as possible within the allotted time


Coming soon

3, 2, 1 Go, be the first to cross the finish line among the contenders.

While we work on fully automating our facilities, track operations require human presence. We strive to keep the tracks open for as long as possible.


To check if the tracks are ready to run, please open the application directly or check the top banner of our website.
  • Enable app notifications on your mobile device to receive immediate updates when the tracks are up and running.