What means Remote Reality?

We’re among the very first to use Remote Reality in the gaming world, and we can’t wait for you to try Vrombr for yourself. If there is no official definition of the term Remote Reality, here is ours.

It is the ability to take control of an object remotely and in real time from a smartphone. It uses video and command streams to allow the operator to control the object from a distance.

To our knwoledge, we are the first to use Remote Reality Racing in the world from a smartphone. This concept will spread widely with the arrival of 5G. As a result, it will create a lot of new applications such as gaming. But also in the health, real estate and home automation sectors Remote Reality is the future.

Vrombr Remote Reality Racing game
Remote Reality Racing game

Like anything new and innovative, it takes some time to get used to it. In the case of Vrombr, driving a real car remotely in a game that is governed by the laws of physics requires you to think differently than when playing a classic racing game.

With our technology, Remote Reality is available to anyone that has a 5G connection. For players who have a 4G or a Wi-Fi internet access it depends on the quality of this connection and if the optic fiber is behind or not. For instance, we have already validated that players from Sydney to San Francisco via Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, Monaco, Miami and Boston are able to drive a car in our facilities in France. As you can see, as Sydney is one of the furthest cities from France, Vrombr should be accessible from any closer destination.


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